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Why Health Trip Abroad

Your Thoughts

o Have you ever considered having world class treatment in abroad for up to 75% less than in the UK?
o Why not benefit from the advantages of treatment services and packages we provide.
o Our experienced and friendly teams who reside in London are ready to discuss with you about your individual treatment requirements and options.
o All treatments performed in our 5* partner clinics are under guarantee.

Our Consortium

o Our Team: We only work with experience teams who are ethical, clean and qualified.
o Wealth of Experience: With the experience of dealing with clients who come from abroad for over 10 years, we ensure that you will receive treatment and care of nothing less than perfect
o Accommodation: on certain packages, we will even include your accommodation fee.

Advancements in the medical industry

o Advanced Technology: Some of the tech we use is not even available in the UK, this is because treatments clinics abroad are all run privately and have national and international funding sources.

o Affordable Treatments: Pay up to 75% less than in the UK, with the highest quality known surgical treatment and equipment.

About us
Health Trip Abroad

We have been in the industry for since 2013, been helping patients in the UK and around the globe to care for their individual health problems and guide them to the best surgeons and hospitals who are specialist in their field. All of our surgeons and hospitals are to European standards and are fully qualified. All using advanced technology in equipment and only use well-known brands.

Our Treatments

If you are not happy with your weight, it can be an emotionally draining journey and extremely challenging experience to have the confidence needed to enjoy life to the fullest.

In most of our centre hospitals,there are a number of medical imaging procedures that are undertaken with the aim of making a diagnosis or to assess a patient’s response to treatment or their disease progression.

Orthopedics, or orthopedic services in our fully qualified and accredited centres, aim at the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Our centres in Turkey performs eye surgeries on 2,500 foreign patients on average each month and attracts more than 40,000 foreign patients to Turkey every year.

The hair transplant results depend heavily on the choice of hair transplantation teams and their capacities.

General surgeons in our specialist hospitals employ a wide range of knowledge and skills to perform surgery, often in emergency situations.

Dental Implant prices might be too extortionate to consider in the UK. Don’t let this prevent you from having the comfort of a long lasting solution for your missing teeth!

We are proud to work in partnership with some of the highest qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons abroad.

Health Trip Abroad

Individual packages for each area of treatments available, most packages include the flights, transfers and accommodation. So how great is that you can make a holiday of you health trip abroad and explore.

What to expect

Get in touch with us

Simply write a short statement for us to understand your treatment needs and attach relevant photos & X-Rays.
Your statement and attachments are fully confidential and it will be examined by relevant specialist surgeons and doctors to prepare a treatment plan and then we will get back to you quickly.

Do Not Have an X-Ray?

No Problem! If you do not have a dental X-Ray, we can help you to obtain one in the UK. We have many dental imaging centres throughout the UK and we will refer you to the closest one.

Planning Your Journey

As HEALTH TRIP ABROAD, we will make sure that everything will be smooth and comfortable during your journey. Our team will be more than happy to support you while you’re planning your health trip!
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• Airport Transfers
• Accommodation (Ask us if you’re entitled to FREE Accommodation)
• Flight Tickets

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