Hair Transplants

The hair transplant results depend heavily on the choice of hair transplantation teams and their capacities. Our highly experienced, competent and well-equipped surgeon is ready to assist you throughout your hair implantation journey.
We take pride in offering individualized professional hair solutions in a hospital environment to guarantee outstanding results and maximum satisfaction. We provide successful hair transplantation solutions under strict hygienic conditions.
Considering a Hair Transplant?
FUE, the latest technique used in hair transplantation combined with the use of needle free Comfort-In™ anesthesia system and sapphire handle tech causes neither pain nor visible scars.
Thanks to the patented needle free Comfort-In™ injectors used at our clinic, local anesthesia is administered in a safe, comfortable and, easy way. This innovation makes the hair transplant procedure painless and anxiety free while significantly reducing infection risk and discomfort.
Ensuring enhanced hair density and natural hairline, FUE method also offers reduced healing time as well as a comfortable and painless recovery process.

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