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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

Not happy with your weight?

If you are not happy with your weight, it can be an emotionally draining journey and extremely challenging experience to have the confidence needed to enjoy life to the fullest. If diet and exercise have not yielded the desired results, you may benefit from a weight loss surgery in Turkey.

Our weight loss hospitals in Turkey are nationally recognized for their specialized weight loss program, providing state-of-the-art approaches to treating obesity through surgical means.

Weight loss centers in Turkey offer multidisciplinary team who are board-certified obesity surgeons specializing in advanced minimally invasive surgical methods as well as bariatric surgery. Weight loss surgeons possess the necessary components and expertise to deliver bariatric surgical care with the highest levels of efficiency, safety—with excellent short and long-term results.

Understanding that obesity is a complex, chronic condition, weight loss surgery experts of Turkey tailor custom-designed surgical treatment to each individual—ensuring the most successful results for every patient.

Moreover, patients with chronic conditions related—or unrelated—to obesity have access to many respected specialists in diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems, and other disorders.

Following weight loss surgery in Turkey, the utmost care will be taken in guaranteeing that each patient receives the highest level of follow-up care in a warm and compassionate environment.

The decision to undergo weight loss procedure is a life-changing experience, that’s why our specialists will be on your side every step of the way to help you usher in a new, healthy lifestyle.

Good candidates for weight loss surgery

For people who remain obese after non-surgical approaches to weight loss—such as diet and exercise— prove ineffective or for those who have an obesity-related disease, bariatric surgery in Turkey can be a viable solution for achieving weight-loss goals and improving health. Before undergoing a weight loss surgery, you must determine whether you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery.


One of the ways to find out if you are eligible for weight loss surgery is to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI).

A good candidate for bariatric surgery should have a BMI of over 35. A patient who is a good candidate for bariatric surgery should have a BMI of over 35. Bariatric surgery might be a good option for you if the following statements are true :

  • If you have a BMI, of at least 40, or at lease 35 plus an obesity-related disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • You have attempted to lose weight though non-surgical means—like diet and exercise— and have not worked
  • You have realistic expectations of weight loss surgery and are committed to making the necessary changes for long-term success

Types of weight loss surgery

There are various types of weight loss operations—and what’s best for you depends on your goals, your health and the surgeon’s recommendation.

Gastric Sleeve

Adjustable gastric banding

Cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey

The average cost of weight loss surgery is influenced by a variety of factors. Cost of weight loss surgery can vary based on the location where the surgery is done; qualifications of the surgeon; and the surgical facility. The cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey is exceedingly affordable compared to the cost of treatment in Western Europe and the US. Patients traveling to Turkey for weight loss surgery are able to save up to 80 percent on their treatment. Also, the prices of weight loss surgery could be different depending on the expectations of each patient.

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey to a slimmer, healthier body?


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